The idea of Traces of You was conceived one night while I was in the club with my uncles. I was going through a rough patch in my life because of my recent breakup with my girlfriend. I saw a gentleman walking around the club selling roses. I begin to think about my girlfriend sitting at the table with me and if I would buy her a rose. But she is a revolutionary feminist and would not be impressed by flowers so I had to think of things that she would like. I thought of what he would have to be selling in order to make her smile…books. I would have to buy books by Assatta Shakur, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey and authors of that nature. I listened to the hip hop music that was playing and instantly knew that the music would have to change to Bilal, Mos Def, Floetry, D’Angelo and artist of that nature. She is not the type of female that is into diamond rings but rather something sentimental that comes from the

the heart. I looked around the club and thought to myself how different these people lives are from everyone else’s. I begin to wonder how people were proposed to or how they would like to be proposed to. With so much diversity, culture and nationalities in the world I became fascinated on how other people were viewed. 

That night I wrote down fifteen questions and begin my mission to ask fifty people. From those questions I derived of a story on how a person would like to be proposed to or do a marriage proposal. My angle is that I can put my feet in anybody’s high heels, flip flops, sandals, Jordan’s no matter what it is and see through their eyes. The name of the book is called Traces of you because the reader will be able to see traces of themselves and everyone else inside the stories. Traces of You will give the normal person a chance to be the superstar. This book will give the superstars a chance to glimpse at the people standing in lines to see them or asking them for autographs. The stories in this book will invoke emotions whether they are tears, anger, happy, shocking but most of all love.