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Synopsis of Books
 Traces of You 

​From a place of depression and despair Traces of You was born.  After ending a relationship I found myself in a bad place. Writing is where I found solace.  This book was created to share the stories of love from everyday people whose voices are rarely ever heard.  This book is for anyone who loves the idea of being in love.  

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Road to Oprah 

Follow me on my journey from Richmond, VA to Chicago, IL, leaving  behind everything to pursue my dream and meet Oprah.  See how I lived and survived on instinct alone to fulfill my dream in this my personal journal.  Did I meet Oprah before her show ended? 

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Through Their Eyes

A monologue is a dramatic act told by one individual.  In this book of awe-inspired stories you will find yourself on the edge of your seat as you turn each page.  Through Their Eyes offers you a vast array of scenarios with critical thinking.  This book will take you through every emotion and you will  see through the eyes of each character.  

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