Born and raised in Richmond Virginia, Raymond Goode graduated from Meadowbrook High School in 1996. At this time, Raymond Goode was overwhelmed by the need to serve others, which continues to shape his life today. In an attempt to placate this need, he enlisted in the Army, serving three years and reaching the rank of Sergeant. Wanting to do more for his country, he enlisted in the Navy after his time with the Army. Despite 7 years of military/civil service, a deep-seated desire to serve still flowed within him.

Raymond dedicated 2 years of his young life to the public by serving the state of Virginia in the Bon Air Juvenile Corrections Center in Bon Air, Virginia. This background in service and interactions with troubled youth prompted his transition to qualified mental health professional, serving multiple organizations in a variety of positions so that he could teach youth to “believe” so that “they will achieve”. The most recent step of his dedicated journey has led him to become an author. Traces of You is the first of many works to come.

Raymond’s earliest writings consisted of love letters as well as an autobiographical analysis of his then relationship. With any writer, the development of one’s work is dependent upon age, life experiences, and maturity. From writing love notes in crayon during his early years of “puppy love” to composing a journal during a recent bout with depression, writing has always been his outlet to share his ideas with the world. To him, writing fulfills all of the emotional support of lover and a friend. It provides love, encouragement, guidance, an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on.  

The Author
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One’s relationship with writing is always capable of growth and transformation just as a friendship with a person. Through a life long relationship of growth and exploration and a journey through the medium of love letters, songs, poetry, monologues, skits, and short stories, he has arrived at this phase of his journey, the love story. Now he writes to share the knowledge gained from this journey with the world, revealing traces of himself along the way. 

Described by those closest to him as chameleon due to his ability to adapt and change, Raymond is dedicated to giving all of himself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to the reader. In 2010 he eschewed all of his worldly possessions, becoming homeless, in order to become a slave to his art, his passion, his muse so that he may produce his best work. Above all, he is an idealist, in love with love. 

In the author’s words, “Love in its rarest form is accepting, loving, and being yourself completely before loving someone else.” The epitome of Love, a rarity in itself, is Raymond Goode.